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Three New City Pages

We have written three new pages. These pages focus on the cities of Vancouver, Tacoma and Bellevue.

These three pages are about different cities in Western Washington.

Most people do not look very often for a new spa, so when the situation arises that they want to go to one, they don’t always know where to look.

A majority of folks find it really helpful to look at a shorter list of potential spa choices.

Today’s new cities include Bellevue, Vancouver and Tacoma. We expect to use each of these pages to discuss a pretty good spa in each of those three cities.

We expect that each of the spas we talk about would be a good choice for people in that town.

Most spas are really nice. But some can be better than others. You don’t want to be that person that goes to one of the few bad ones.

If you live in either of those three cities, you can check out those new pages here – Tacoma WA, Bellevue WA or Vancouver WA

If you have any comments about your favorite spa in one of those three cities, we would be interested in hearing about it.